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Hello All - I am a 26 year old male - UK based Senior IT Technician currently working in a school managing over 140 iMacs, 350 MacBook Pro's and 120 MacBook Airs. We also have in place over 400 student and teacher iPads. I am well skilled in troubleshooting both Mac and Windows based machines as well as mobile devices. I also have vast knowledge of Windows servers and using things such as AD, DHCP, DNS etc - More information on my "About" page. I have interests in graphic design and I am also a keen rugby player out of work time. Below is a short summary of my skills and my work experiences, for more in depth information click the About page below which will also include my qualifications.

My skills

  • Troubleshooting
  • OSX Sills
  • Windows Skills
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Photoshop

Former jobs

Position Company Hired
Senior Technician Highfield Humanities 2011- Present
Full Time Technician Highfield Humanities 2007 - 2011
Apprentice Technician Montgomery High School 2005 - 2007
College Education Blackpool & Fylde 2005 - 2007
Secondary Education Montgomery High School 2000 - 2005


After leaving school aged 15 I started work at the exact same school as an Apprentice IT Technician. I worked there for 2 years claiming many qualifications such a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Assistant) Level 1,2 and 3. I am also a fully qualified ICT Practitioner. I worked on site for 4 days a week and attended college once a week for two years to gain all the above qualifications.

It came to the end of my apprenticeship and I found a new job at another local school without any hassle being young and having the qualifications under my belt - the main gain was I already had 2 years experience over others. I then started work at my current placement as a Junior IT Technician, I adjusted suitably to this role within a matter of weeks and was soon a valued member of the small ICT Team. After being there for roughly 2 years and our Network Manager found a job elsewhere, this meant the Senior Technician at the time had to step up to Network Manager and I stepped up to Senior Technician being in charge of 1 person below me.

I have worked at this level since working close with the Network Manager helping him resolves issues and day to day running of the schools and servers. We was then set for a new school to be built which would include a whole brand new IT Infrastructure and also all new devices, working with the NM and the Head of the school I pushed hard to get us to become a full Apple Macintosh school - to which I succeeded, In June 2012 we received the order of 117 iMacs, 250 MacBook Pro's, 100 MacBook Airs and roughly 400 iPad 3's.

I Played a strong role with the initial set up of these machines which included using the Jamf Software called Casper (plus ALL there other tools available on the JAMF Suite). We used this as a mobile device management tool (MDM) and also an imagining tool. We then opted to go for Deploy Studio which we continue to use today if there is a fault on some of our systems that can't be fixed there and then and requires a full system re-install we do this and the image will then have the correct software on ready to hand straight back. I set-up all iPads using Apple Configurator and installed managed profiles, and did some restrictions and App Management

I am now in the day to day support of a 3 person small team managing the above dealing with day to day hardware and software issues which are important to teaching and need to be fixed within a tight deadline. I really enjoy working where I am and on the current system but I just wish to try my skills possibly abroad or just push myself some more. I am really enthusiastic when it comes to new and old technology and like to really get involved into fault finding and rectification.

We have recently opted to do a 1-to-1 device roll out in the school meaning all pupils will receive either and iPad 3 or an iPad Mini and this will be there device to keep. We currently have 1200 pupils and this will be rolled out in September 2013. We have been working hard as a team to set up the correct MDM, profile configurations and main ID's, Apps, Volume Licensing etc.

I spent nearly 5 years helping maintain and manage windows servers such as the usual AD, DHCP and DNS management and trouble shooting, our current servers are still windows back end and we still us AD, DHCP and DNS on a regular bases. I am very well experienced in Windows machines and servers, we also run numerous file servers with various network shares, all set up with different permissions for groups set up in AD. As well as that we run Citrix for pupils and staff to be able to log onto our online portal and work from home. We used a centralised card printing system which means the 8 multifunction printers can be used by anyone in the building no matter where they are providing they have there swipe card for access. I also support all the AV Technology we have from fixed wall TV's and Apple TV's, to Mobile TV's, Digital Signage Screens, Entry Sign System, Show Sounding & Lighting, Performance Sounding & lighting and probably much more that I may of missed.

I am looking for a job hopefully in America to better myself and embrace the American lifestyle and the vast interest they show in technology, I have been supporting other users on PC's since I was 15, now being 26 I feel I have enough experiences in Mac and PC to travel abroad and work hard for a living in a better environment.


Qualification College Completion Date
NVQ Level 3 ICT Professionals Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Health & Safety In ICT & Contact Centres - Level 1 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Remote Support For Products & Services - Level 1 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Security For ICT Systems - Level 1 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Develop Personal & Organisational Effectiveness In ICT - Level 3 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Software Installation & upgrades - Level 3 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Technical Advice & Guidance - Level 3 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Technical Fault Diagnosis - Level 3 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Testing ICT Systems - Level 3/td> Blackpool & Fylde 2008
Working With ICT Hardware & Equipment - Levels 3 Blackpool & Fylde 2008
ICT Practitioner Blackpool & Fylde 2008
CCNA 1,2,3 Blackpool & Fylde 2006
Apprentice Technician Montgomery High School 2005 - 2007
Junior ICT Technician Highfield Humanities Coellege 2007 - 2009
Senior ICT Technician Highfield Humanities College 2009 - PRESENT

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